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MacBook vs MacBook Air

Posted 16 years, 4 months ago by Tim    1 comment


Well the MacBook Air is an interesting release from Apple. Somehow they managed to remove a huge number of features from the MacBook, make it a bit slimmer, and then have audacity to charge people more for it. "Pay more, get less" could be their motto for this one.

Here in New Zealand, the cheapest new mac laptop you can buy is the MacBook at $1848 NZD. Cheap PC notebooks on the other hand are available around $799 NZD, well less than half the price.

For a huge number of people, especially for those non tech savvy users who just want to be able to save pics from their digital cameras, and use the internet, it's just not worth spending the extra money on a mac.

If Apple really wanted a major hit, they should have released a MacBook air that was $700 USD cheaper than the MacBook, rather $700 USD more expensive. The tech specs could stay about the same too.

Disadvantages of the Air

  • costs $700 USD more ($1,151NZD)
  • no built in CD/DVD drive
  • slower Processor
  • less hard drive space
  • no firewire (and thus no external firewire drives)
  • only 1 USB port
  • no remote
  • no ethernet port
  • less battery life
  • no audio in
  • no removable battery
  • half the amount of maximum memory

Advantages of the Air

  • thinner by 8.1mm (0.32")
  • lighter by 0.91kg
  • multiTouch trackpad
  • backlit keyboard


16 years, 3 months ago
Sorry you just don't get it. It's not a MacBook. It's not a macbookpro. It's not a mac pro. For that matter, it's not a $700 Windoze. But it's just what it was designed to be.

Your comparison is irrelevant. If a MacBook meets your criteria, then by all means, get it. But don't complain that it's not a MBA.

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